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Perception in the cranial field: “From dry bone to living man”.

Start date: 16 May 2024
End date: 19 May 2024
All-day event
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Hosted by Myriam De Gheus (DO), Isabelle Dehem (MD, DO), FrédéricBosendorf (DO), Etienne Gilleman (DO), Patrick Grignard (DO). Course accredited by the professional union of osteopaths in Belgium, Osteopathie.be, as part of continuing education. Osteopathy and science are evolving, and our perceptions are conti-nual development. In this seminar, we'll share our experience at a per- […]

Past event: Viscero-somatic integration and the enteroceptive system in health and disease – Course Pr F. Willard

Start date: 25 January 2024
End date: 28 January 2024
All-day event
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Professor Willard will present how the somatic and visceral signals are integrated and what significance can we attach to those viscero-somatic reflexes in our clinical approach.

Past Event : Physiological interrelationships between mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth – Course F. Willard

Start date: 26 January 2023
End date: 29 January 2023
All-day event
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Professor Willard will present structural, hormonal, immune and gastrointestinal changes.
He will describe the development and function of the placenta. He will discuss the effects of maternal stress on the fetus.